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Dog Training Introduction Video Glen Ramcharan Team-K9

TEAM-K9’s Dog Training Expertise

Founded by Glen Ramcharan, TEAM-K9 offers a full range of services in Dog training, Overnight Boarding, Grooming, Doggy Daycare, Raw Food and Dog Accessories. TEAM-K9 helps owners to understand and enjoy their dog by teaching them the best dog training tecnique that will help them form and strengthen the  bond between them.  We customize our Dog Training strategy and make special arrangement to meet your specific needs.

Our proven Dog Training methods are combined with calm, balanced energy so that your dog is able to learn at its peak level. Since every dog learns in a different way, we have found it to be important that owners learn to ‘read’ their dog correctly so that good behaviours are shaped and negative ones are discouraged.

As a long-time dog owner and trainer, Glen has developed a unique program that he uses in his dog training workshops that will help you choose the dog you’ve always wanted; whether you have a new puppy, a newly adopted rescue dog, an older dog with issues, or are just adding a new member to your ‘pack’.


Why Choose TEAM K9?

  • At TEAM-K9 Dog Training, we strive for results and mutual love and respect.
  • We help create a mutual relationship for you and your puppy to enjoy.
  • We work with you and teach you how you and your dog can work and play.
  • Our approach requires a change in philosophy and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Our proven training methods are combined with calm, balanced energy.


Thanks Glen, for showing me the type of individual changes that need to occur in me for Shadow to become the dog I want him to be, and for the continual support through his lifelong learning process. Through your help, Shadow really has become my best friend..
I really enjoyed taking the training classes with you. You are a great teacher and I want to thank you for helping me transform Tyson into a happy follower and a fun member of the family.
Glen was very understanding and accommodating. He is extremely committed to helping people understand the needs of their pets and tweaking how we (humans) relate to our four-legged companions.Thanks to Glen, his knowledge, expertise, charisma, and method of instructing, I was able to understand what was happening, change my ways and keep Dexter. I would recommend Glen’s Team K9 services to everyone. Thanks Glen!
Glen has been wonderful working with all of us on our different issues with Charlie. He really does help you work on having a good relationship with your dog. He pointed out that working with Charlie is a seven-day a week responsibility. His amazing strength is his ability to read you as well as the dog.
We are very happy with the progress Cooper has made after just five sessions and we will vigilantly continue to apply your methodology/training techniques in order to gain the continued trust and behaviour we want Cooper to exhibit.

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