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TEAM-K9 Trainers – Dog & Puppy Training Classes in Mississauga

TEAM-K9 is a leading dog training service in Mississauga Ontario, founded and operated by Glen Ramcharan. When it comes to aggressive dog training or puppy training in Mississauga, people rely on Glen. He is a unique dog trainer in Mississauga who understands that every animal has a unique personality and they must be treated according to their behavior and nature. At TEAM-K9, our mission is to provide the highest quality dog and puppy training services in Mississauga and its surrounding areas. Our aim is to educate dog owners so that they can easily handle their dogs on and off leash. Our Mississauga dog training solutions will help pet owners establish control of their dogs without any treats or threats.

Education Is The Key

TEAM-K9 provides comprehensive training not only for dogs, but also for the owners. Our training programs are designed to educate people who work with dogs and owners who are willing to gain more knowledge about their canines. We are your best source for thorough dog education, training and raw food needs.

Our Values

TEAM-K9 has set the standards for dog and puppy training in Mississauga. We are operated by a team of certified dog trainers which ensures that every dog gets the personalized attention and quality training. Our training programs are meant to make your canine an obedient pet both inside and outside. Our approach is stress-free and non-physical for both you and your canine.

Our Dog Training Classes are held in Mississauga

TEAM-K9 helps owners to understand and enjoy their dog by forming and strengthening that special bond between them
at your home or our facility. 

The foundation of TEAM-K9 dog training started with an intensive investigation of the dog mind. We offer a wide range of services!

  • Puppy training
  • Aggressive Dog Training
  • Private Dog Training at your home or our place
  • Group Dog Training
  • Tracking Dogs
  • Choosing your Puppy
  • Protection Dog Training

Our Training Techniques are Time-Tested

Every dog is unique and has different learning styles or drives. To accommodate for the variability between and within breeds, TEAM-K9 offers personalized dog training that is uniquely tailored for you and your dog.

Puppy Training

Puppy training at TEAM-K9 involves establishing physical boundaries with your puppy to prevent nipping, jumping and dominance related issues.

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Aggressive Dog Training

If you have an aggressive dog in your household, TEAM-K9 works with you and your dog to identify and resolve issues to prevent damage and attack.

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Group Dog Training

Group dog training offers opportunities for your dog to socialize with people and other dogs in a safe and controlled environment. Choose TEAM-K9!

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Choosing Your Puppy

At TEAM-K9, we highly advise that you support credible breeders when choosing your puppy. Choosing from a reputable breeder will ensure peace of mind and a healthy beautiful puppy.

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Protection Dog Training

TEAM-K9 Protection Dog Training classes are for dogs who have the intensity, drive, and discipline required to protect their handlers. Get the best protection by TEAM-K9!

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Tracking & Detection Training

TEAM-K9 tracking offers a way for you and your dog to explore this natural urge to explore. TEAM-K9 tracking lessons is your first step to unlocking the already existing potential of your dog.

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Why choose TEAM-K9?

  • TEAM-K9 offers personalized dog training that is uniquely tailored for you and your dog at your home 
  • TEAM-K9 understands the differences between a purpose-built dog and a household pet
  • incorporation of discipline established at TEAM-K9 dog training using communication, contact, reinforcement, and engagement
  • We strive for results and the mutual love and respect that dogs and their handlers should have
  • Our proven training methods are combined with calm, balanced energy
  • We offer a wide range of dog accessories and products as well as raw food
  • TEAM-K9 puppy training commits itself in establishing you and your family as the centre of your puppy’s attention, focus, and pleasure
  • Private dog training offers all of TEAM-K9 services in the convenience of your home,or in any environment
  • Group dog training offers the opportunity for your dog to socialize with people and other dogs in a safe and controlled environment
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