Dog and Puppy Training Classes in Mississauga

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  • Does your new puppy give you sleepless nights?
  • Is your dog lacking appropriate social manners?
  • Do you feel that it’s your dog who takes you for a walk?
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Working with you and your puppy in the TEAM-k9 Dog and Puppy Training Classes in Mississauga, We use gentle yet effective methods, to address the above issues which can be resolved through proper training. At TEAM-K9, we provide a range of quality dog training services to pet owners located in Mississauga. We provide professional training services for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Whether you want to address your dog’s behavioral problems, or work on obedience with your puppy, we have a training solution that’s just right for you! We also specialize in high quality raw food for dogs that your pet will love.


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Dog and Puppy Training Classes in Mississauga

We understand what you’re going through. TEAM-K9 dog and puppy training classes in Mississauga, we know what it’s like trying to puzzle out what’s best for you and your puppy. There are many trainers in Mississauga and many methods out there to choose from, so we hope that letting you know a little more about us will help you make the decision that’s right for you.

Choosing someone to train your puppy or dog is like choosing someone to help you care for your child. You want to choose someone with education and experience, someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. For that reason, we give our potential clients the opportunity to meet with our dog trainer, and see how he interacts with their canine friends and ask any questions about our methods and programs. Here are some more reasons why TEAM-K9 is an ideal choice for dog training services in Mississauga.

Team of Experts

Not only our team members are highly qualified dog trainers, but they are also canine behaviorists, which enables them to gain an in-depth understanding of canine behavior. They specialize in aggressive dog training as well as protection dog training services

Methods of Training

Just like each person is different, every dog is different too. Once we evaluate your furry friend, we will determine the training method that best suits his or her personality, behavior and your training goals.

Dog and Owner Education

In addition to training your dog, we help identifying certain household activities that could trigger or encourage bad behavior, we also show you how to manage your dog in all situations and prevent unwanted behavior in the future.


Dog training is not only our business, it’s our passion and it’s our life! It is extremely rewarding to make many of our client’s and their dog’s lives better, where in some situations, we were their only hope. We are committed to helping our clients achieve great results.


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