Aggressive Dog Training Programs & Classes

Aggressive Dog Training Programs & Classes2020-07-02T15:56:26-05:00

aggressive-dog aggressive dog training Aggressive Dog Training aggressive dog aggressive dog training Aggressive Dog Training Programs & Classes aggressive dogAggressive dog training at TEAM-K9 is a service offered to clients who have dogs that are aggressive and easily agitated by their handlers, family members, other people, other dogs, and other animals.

The resolution after an aggressive episode should be centered on the biological and psychological basis of the episode.  Unfortunately, the common consequence results in the dog being put down when prevention should have been the first solution. If you have an aggressive dog in your household, TEAM-K9 works with you and your dog to identify and resolve issues to prevent household damage, and personal attacks.  It is common for aggression to stem from dominance, anxiety, diet, possessiveness, and any other imbalance in the dog’s psyche.

Contact TEAM-K9 today to rebuild your relationship with the help of aggressive dog training and give your dog an opportunity to become a productive and loving family member.

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