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Your Dog Deserves The Best Dog Services

  • Training your dog to behave properly and to avoid unpleasant situation
  • Feeding your dog a natural diet rather than kibble with animal by-products
  • Using collars and leashes recommended by TEAM-K9 makes your everyday walk with your dog safer and more enjoyable
  • Keeping your dog clean and fluffy and well groomed
  • Knowing your dog is safe and happy while you’re on vacation
  • Letting your dog play when you’re at work or taking a day trip



TEAM-K9 offers a wide range of puppy and dog-related accessories for sale as well as services tailored towards assisting owners with leaving their dog with a trusted individual for a day or to perform professional grooming.

  • A safe, healthy and comfortable place for your furry kids to play and socialize
  • Plenty of exercise for your dogs rather than sleeping or chewing furniture all day
  • Separate play areas for small/medium and large dogs
  • Fenced outdoor areas allow the dogs to enjoy some play time in the nice weather
  • Play time is supervised by professionally trained staff
  • Dogs with behavior issues are separated from the rest for safety reason
  • Opens evening, Saturday and Sunday by appointment
  • Daycare rates (available soon)
  • A clean and safe environment for your dogs to stay in while you’re away
  • Opportunity for your dogs to play with their friends and make new ones in the daycare
  • Your dogs will enjoy the pampering and attention during their stay
  • A variety of raw food and treats are available on site for dogs that require a raw diet
  • Pick-up and drop-off services during non-business hours can be arranged
  • Boarding Rates (available soon)
  • Services offered by an experienced groomer in a hygienic grooming facility
  • Different packages are available by appointment
  • Grooming Rates (available soon)
While many are looking for scientific proof for the benefits of feeding their dogs a raw diet. For almost 50 years our DOG’S has been eating this way! for us it’s not a fad or craze but the simple natural way for a healthier happy dog. Many would try to dispute the benefits of feeding a raw diet, the only question I ask is how many dogs they have raised on a raw diet?

Raw dog food is more than just processed kibble! We specialize in high quality raw dog food that your pet will love. Whether your dog loves to stay on your lap or is a seasoned athlete, TEAM-K9 provides the foundation of your dog’s nutrition. When we say raw, we mean raw. Our food does not contain any preservatives, additives, animal byproducts, or corn, and is made from only the most organic sources found locally here in Canada. The meats we offer at TEAM-K9 include chicken, beef, lamb, and assorted organ meats which are all highly graded and packaged in vacuum sealed blocks at your convenience for feeding and storage. Give us a call at TEAM-K9 today to get your dog started on a balanced and healthy diet.

Coming Soon! Please Stay Tuned.
  • Accessories
  • Balls
  • Biothane Collars
  • Leather Collars
  • Dog Training
  • E-Collars
  • Harnesses
  • Leashes
  • Sprenger

Why Choose TEAM-K9?

  • At TEAM-K9 dog training, we strive for results and mutual love and respect.
  • We help create a mutual relationship for you and your puppy to enjoy.
  • We work with you and teach you how you and your dog can work and play.
  • Our approach requires a change in philosophy and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Our proven training methods are combined with calm, balanced energy.


After countless efforts including hiring other trainers to assist us in training our three and half year old German Shepherd Bear who exhibits extremely high levels of protective and dominant/working dog behavior traits we finally found Glen… I would highly recommend anyone who has a dog to enlist the help of Glen. Especially anyone who has a working dog Breed. He is highly skilled with these types of Dogs and their temperament He provides dedicated, hands on training with extremely quick results.
Thanks Glen, for showing me the type of individual changes that need to occur in me for Shadow to become the dog I want him to be, and for the continual support through his lifelong learning process. Through your help, Shadow really has become my best friend..
I really enjoyed taking the training classes with you. You are a great teacher and I want to thank you for helping me transform Tyson into a happy follower and a fun member of the family.
We learned so much but realize that this is just the beginning of our lifelong journey of learning and training with Cooper. Your love of dogs comes through in all your actions and messages. Thank you!
My relationship with Harley has totally changed from a terrifying nightmare to a life time of partnership. Thanks so much Glen and keep up the excellent work.
Glen was very understanding and accommodating. He is extremely committed to helping people understand the needs of their pets and tweaking how we (humans) relate to our four-legged companions.Thanks to Glen, his knowledge, expertise, charisma, and method of instructing, I was able to understand what was happening, change my ways and keep Dexter. I would recommend Glen’s Team K9 services to everyone. Thanks Glen!
Glen has been wonderful working with all of us on our different issues with Charlie. He really does help you work on having a good relationship with your dog. He pointed out that working with Charlie is a seven-day a week responsibility. His amazing strength is his ability to read you as well as the dog.
We are very happy with the progress Cooper has made after just five sessions and we will vigilantly continue to apply your methodology/training techniques in order to gain the continued trust and behaviour we want Cooper to exhibit.

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