Nutritional Value

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TEAM-K9 dog food is more than just processed kibble! We specialize in high quality raw dog food that your pet will love. Whether your dog loves to stay on your lap or is a seasoned athlete, TEAM-K9 provides the foundation of your dog’s nutrition. When we say raw, we mean raw. Our food does not contain any preservatives, additives, animal byproducts, or corn, and is made from only the most organic sources found locally here in Canada. The meats we offer at TEAM-K9 include chicken, beef, lamb, and assorted organ meats which are all highly graded and packaged in vacuum sealed blocks at your convenience for feeding and storage. Give us a call at TEAM-K9 today to get your dog started on a balanced and healthy diet.

Here at TEAM-K9 we are often asked about the difference between our raw food and organic kibble. Regardless of what high quality ingredients the kibble is comprised of, it must be baked and processed into kibble form. TEAM-K9 dog food mimics the natural diet that dogs and their canine ancestors would encounter and consume in the wild. As such, we pride ourselves in offering your dog food that is not only nutritious but also biologically appropriate. The powerful enzymes in the mouth and short digestive tract of canines work to deter and prevent the toxin and bacterial build up often associated with human illness after raw food consumption. Unlike humans, canines do not benefit nutritionally from cooked food. Better yet, TEAM-K9 dog food excludes the baking process found in kibble which can breakdown essential amino acids, fatty acids such as omega-3, creatine, and sacrifice overall nutrient absorption. Rest assured, your dog is eating fresh organic food with every single bite. Nourish the vitality of your dog with optimal efficacy with TEAM-K9 dog food.