Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale is now on!!!

Buy A Perfect Dog Leash That Last For A Lifetime!

Whether you are walking a five-pound or a 150-pound dog, a good leash is essential to an enjoyable walk.

Nothing is worse than finding yourself at the pet store every month buying yet another leash. The nylon starts to smell, the leather gets slimy when it’s wet and the rope doubles as the ultimate chew toy. Luckily, there are new materials and products on the market every day and TEAM-K9 has tried them all.

So, when it comes to the ultimate leash for ALL dog owners, the TEAM-K9 Biothane Rein Grip Leash is a must have!

Biothane is a synthetic rubber material that encompasses all the benefits of previous leash materials with NONE of the downfalls. Biothane is one of the strongest leash materials available, but is still very light. Its waterproof and smell-proof construction make it ideal in all weather conditions. The rein grip style allows for much easier leash management, as its unique texture makes it easy for the most novice dog owner to handle.

Dirt is also no match for the rein grip leash as a quick scrub in water and dish soap make it dirt and germ free. For those concerned with other aesthetics such as leash colour and hardware, the TEAM-K9 Biothane Rein Grip Leash comes in an assortment of colours including blue, purple, black, red and brown with beautiful brass hardware.

If you looking for a leash to last you a lifetime, the TEAM-K9 Biothane Rein Grip Leash is the last leash you will ever need to purchase!

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