Choosing Your Puppy With Professional Help

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choosing-your-puppy. choosing your puppy Choosing Your Puppy choosing your puppy choosing your puppy Choosing Your Puppy With Professional Help choosing your puppyWhen choosing your puppy to be a part of your family, the first consideration should be the reason you are getting a dog in the first place.  Clearly, a dog as a house pet is going to have different demands than a working dog and vice versa.  For example, a pet Collie will behave differently and require different training than a working Collie whose purpose is to herd sheep.  As a future handler, you have to consider size, breed, colour, structure, whether the dog is pure bred or mixed, and of course, temperament.  A high energy puppy can be taught to focus its energy into drive, or the energy can be displaced in non-productive behaviour if not probably managed.  Once you have decided on the type of pup that is best suited for you and your family, you must begin searching for breeders.  At TEAM-K9, we highly advise that you support credible breeders when choosing your puppy.  By that we mean breeders that are ethical in their approach, promote healthy diets, and can easily be contacted and address any questions you may have.  Before choosing your puppy be aware of breeders who breed the same female every season and breeders who over vaccinate which can result in an immune deficient pup.  Kennel inspection is a must because it reflects the breeder’s care for the dogs and pups.  Once the breeder and kennel have passed your inspection, it is finally time to look at the litter.  Ensure that you see the whole litter so that you can see the wide variety of personalities in the puppies.  Notice that some pups are more social while some tend to be more reserved.  Reserved pups can be nervous, anxious, and easily stressed in novel environments.  Dogs that tend to fear bite often come from this group of pups.  You should know that if you choose this type of pup, you must be willing to put in the effort to properly discipline and educate your new friend. TEAM-K9 highly recommends that you consult with a professional that knows your requirements in order to choose a pup to avoid facing future behavioral problems.  The best cure is prevention, so call us today to set up a time where we can assist you in selecting a lifelong canine companion!

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