Dog Behaviour & Pet Obedience Training in Toronto

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Has your dog been kicked out of the dog training school? Are you at your wits end with your dog’s aggressive behaviour? At TEAM-K9,Dog Behaviour & Pet Obedience Training in Toronto no dog problem is too big for our trainers to handle. We specialize in solving challenging behavioural issues with dogs. We provide quality and professional dog training services to pet owners and working dog handlers in Toronto and across GTA.

Toronto-Dog-Trainer dog behaviour & pet obedience training in toronto Dog Behaviour & Pet Obedience Training in Toronto Toronto Dog Trainer

You want your dog to pay attention to you and follow your commands. We have successfully trained dogs of all breeds, temperaments and ages through the years servicing the families in the Toronto area. Our dog training programs provide practical methods to improve your dog’s behaviour in a humane and effective way. You learn to communicate with your dog and make positive connect between you and your dog.


Our Dog Training Services in Toronto Include:

  • Puppy Training Toronto
  • Aggressive Dog Training
  • Group Dog Training
  • Protection Dog Training
  • Tracking and Detection Dog Training
  • Private Dog Training

Benefits of Taking Your Dog To Obedience Training

  • A behaviourally sound dog has a stronger bond with its owner.
  • A well trained dogs is easier to manage.
  • Dog ownership will be a joyful and stress free experience.
  • A well behaved dog is safe to be around with family and friends.
  • Your dog learns to interact appropriate with people and other dogs.
  • Proper obedience training brings you the benefit of enjoying your dog for all the years to come.


Why Choose Us?

At TEAM-K9, our dog trainers teach you to communicate with your dog. Rather than punishing your dog’s bad behaviour, you learn to make correction appropriately that your dog gets the message without being hurt. No two dogs are the same. We assess each dog and determine the most effective techniques that deliver the best result.


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At TEAM-K9, we provide high quality raw food products for your dogs. Our raw dog food such as Organic chicken,beef, lamb, turkey, duck, salmon, beef tripe, etc. will help maintaining optimal health condition of your pets. A raw diet is an excellent source of high quality nutrition that cannot be found in the commercial pet food. It promotes shinier coats, healthier skin, cleaner teeth and higher energy levels. TEAM-K9 raw food products increase your pets metabolic rate, its activity levels and its healthy life-span.


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