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The beginning of Puppy Training is a long and fun-filled mutual relationship between you and your puppy may commence within days after weaning.  At TEAM-K9, we strive to create effective lines of communication and contact between you and your puppy so that a bond develops between you out of love, respect, and discipline.

The first few months of life represent a critical period of cognitive development as your puppy becomes more aware and more capable of interaction with its immediate environment.  TEAM-K9 puppy training commits itself in establishing you and your family as the centre of your puppy’s attention, focus, and pleasure through games of engagement, bonding and trust development.  As in a dog’s natural environment, puppies learn the principles of social interaction and discipline through play.

Puppy training at TEAM-K9 involves establishing physical boundaries between you and your puppy to prevent nipping, jumping and dominance related issues that may become a problem once your little puppy has grown up into a capable dog.  Puppy training also teaches your pup to look to you for direction in familiar and unfamiliar environments instead of relying on instinct such as biting or elimination that may be inappropriate in the given context.  Training your puppy creates a bond that will last a lifetime and sets the foundation for communication and discipline needed for basic obedience, and more advanced programs that you and your puppy can enjoy together.

At TEAM-K9, we pride ourselves in shaping the behaviour of your puppy to ensure that he/she is capable of behaving appropriately the first time around using intelligent training techniques. Come join our puppy training today and let us help you and your puppy building a lifetime’s worth of fun, understanding, and bonding.


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