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Guest Speaker: Gabriele Sutton, Equine/Canine Naturopath

August 19, 2017 (12:00PM – 3:00PM)
2233 South Millway, Mississauga, Ontario


In This Seminar You Will Learn And Understand:

  • About the benefits and limitations of Raw, Home Cooked and Kibble diets
  • How to read and understand dog food labels
  • How to safely transition from one feeding program to another
  • About your dog’s digestive system and how important good nutrition is to restore and keep optimal health
  • How to balance and complement your dog’s diet
  • How you can use the power of nutrition to reduce allergies, digestive problems, weight/condition issues, pain and mobility problems and much more!

***** Spots Are Limited. RSVP Today! *****

Admission $10.00 Per Person


Doctor Raw, Dr. Raw, supplements for dogs  Doctor Raw Nutrition Seminar Doctor Raw


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