Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale is now on!!! Buy A Perfect Dog Leash That Last For A Lifetime! Whether you are walking a five-pound or a 150-pound dog, a good leash is essential to an enjoyable walk. Nothing is worse than finding yourself at the pet store every month buying yet another leash. The nylon starts to [...]

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Patience in Dog Training

Sundays with TEAM-K9 are usually filled with dogs progressing and humans learning, with lots of laugher, and chatting between the handlers. But there are also days where the pieces just don’t quite fall into place; the dogs are off, the handlers are off and training is not as progressive as usual. These “off” days can [...]

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You, Your Dog, and Training

Most people understand the importance of training for dogs. In addition to keeping them safe and happy, a well-trained dog equals a sane dog guardian! While some dog owners are able to train their pet/service animal on their own, most of us need the help of an experienced dog trainer – and we welcome that [...]

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Is Sterilization Right For Your Dog – Follow Up

Authored by Leah Yusuf In the first special interest post, the topic of whether or not sterilization is right for your dog was discussed. I feel the need to make a couple of points absolutely clear. First, whether or not you decide to spay or neuter your dog is YOUR decision. It is your responsibility to [...]

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Is Sterilization In Your Dog’s Best Interest?

Authored by Leah Yusuf If you were to ask almost anyone with a dog these days their opinion about spaying and neutering you would most certainly find it to be a favorable procedure amongst the masses. Sterilization has become a tool used to combat the overpopulation of dogs (and cats), to prevent cancer and other [...]

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The Importance of Temperament

The importance of  temperament is overlooked by new pet owners often when adding a new dog to the family. Yes, certain breeds have certain traits but within one litter there is a range of temperament or what we call in people "personality". When it comes to adding a dog, socialization and training are NOT OPTIONAL [...]

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New Year. New Puppy?

As 2015 begins, many people will be planning what changes and resolutions will accompany the new year. One of those changes might be adding a dog to the family. This is my first post out of three that will be dedicated to adding a new canine to the family. Before I get into the rescue [...]

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Welcome to the TEAM-K9 blog!!

Welcome to the first post of TEAM-K9's brand new blog! This blog is going to be devoted to all things Team-K9, from raw feeding, to holistic care, gear and of course, training! All of these things contribute to the health and happiness of your dog as well as improve the bond you have with them. [...]

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