New Year. New Puppy?

New Year. New Puppy?

As 2015 begins, many people will be planning what changes and resolutions will accompany the new year. One of those changes might be adding a dog to the family. This is my first post out of three that will be dedicated to adding a new canine to the family.

Before I get into the rescue vs. breeder, purebred or mutt, to vaccinate or not etc. I want to bring to attention the most obvious, easy and complex area you have to look at before anything else.
One of the key ideas we focus on at TEAM-K9 is “your dog is for you”. This idea needs to be forefront in anyone’s search for a new dog. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is obsessed with appearances, and this has become a lot of peoples number one priority when picking a dog. Of course everyone should think their dog is the most handsome or beautiful!! But just like parents of human kids, all dog guardians think their dog is the best looking!
I have yet to meet a person who does not think the Siberian Husky is a stunning breed of dog, but not everyone is prepared to own this unique breed of dog. That stunning coat means LOTS of shedding if you don’t keep up with grooming, and huskies have an independent nature and need to run that doesn’t suit most peoples lifestyles.
So as you begin your search for your new family member keep in mind that “your dog is for you”. Are you an active person looking for a running partner? Then an English Bulldog might not be the right choice. Looking for couch potato who likes a short walk per day, the often overlooked retired racing greyhound is often a perfect fit!! Do your research and most importantly be honest with yourself. Your dog is for you!!

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