Welcome to the TEAM-K9 blog!!

Welcome to the TEAM-K9 blog!!

Welcome to the first post of TEAM-K9’s brand new blog! This blog is going to be devoted to all things Team-K9, from raw feeding, to holistic care, gear and of course, training! All of these things contribute to the health and happiness of your dog as well as improve the bond you have with them.
Before we start discussing gear, food, and care, I’d like to introduce myself and my canine companion 🙂 My name is Lindsay and I am the guardian of a 2.5 year old Rottweiler, Madden. We started training with TEAM-K9 almost a year ago, originally just to “clean up some stuff”. However, as we got started I realized how much work we still had to do and how much I enjoyed training with Glen and the team.
Madden is my service dog, I suffer from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. I got Madden over two years ago to be my service dog, he does tasks to help me live life as normal as possible. We currently attend University and he may pay more attention in class than I do!
When we started with Glen and TEAM-K9 Madden and I were not working up to our potential, over the past year we have truly become a team, and I am tapping into my fantastic dog’s potential. In addition to our training as a service dog team we are currently working towards our BH, we have both become addicted to training!!
With this blog I hope to entertain and expand fellow handler’s knowledge of dogs and really show what is important to TEAM-K9. In the coming weeks expect to see some profiles of team member’s canines, a quick guide to gear and some raw feeding basics.

Welcome to the TEAM-K9 Blog!
Lindsay and Madden

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Welcome to TEAM-K9

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